The Olive Oil

The 2022 harvest was concluded in October, the pressings were made daily, and the result is a fruity flavour of artichoke and fresh grass, slightly bitter. It is the result of a spontaneous blend of Leccino, Frantoio and Pendolino cultivars. Here and there in the estate, there is a Rossellino olive tree or a wild one with its rare fruits and small leaves, which give their characteristic flavour to the extra-virgin oil ‘Il Cassero’.

Olive harvesting and pressing

The trees are distributed randomly on the terraces, to the extent of discouraging the harvest of olives based on their specific quality. The oil ‘Il Cassero’ is therefore multivarietal by nature. The mixture of olive varieties, the exposure of the trees and the different ripening times make each pressing different. Each time these diversities generate a complex taste, though a balanced one in every note of flavour. Producing monovarietal olive oil requires a plantation of tidy and organised olive trees; on the contrary, our olive grove is ancient and wild. The different varieties of olive trees are planted amongst fruit trees and wild plants, immersed in the lush vegetation of the area.