Extravirgin Olive Oil, 500ml




Cold pressed Extravirgin Olive Oil. Spontaneous blend of Cultivar Leccino, Moraiolo, Pendolino e Frantoio. Harvest October/November 2018.

SKU: 500ML

The Extravirgin Olive Oil IL CASSERO 2018 comes only from olives picked in our farm between October the 20th and November the 5th. The oil is cold-pressed, at a temperature of 25°, or 27° at most. The temperature is controlled and kept constant during the pressing process, and without exposing the olive paste to oxygen. We filter the oil as soon as it is pressed, and it is immediately bottled for proper shelf life (18 months since bottling’s date), and to ensure the product you buy is fresh. We use a darkgreen glass bottle which reduces almost completely the effect of penetration by UV rays.

Costi di spedizione

La spedizione è gratis per il tuo primo ordine di 2 bottiglie da 500ml. Se sei già cliente la spedizione resta senza costi aggiuntivi per ordini da € 60,00.